sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

This website, operated by the same manager responsible for Kanji searches at sljfaq.org (Introduction article), presents a convenient collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Japan and the Japanese language. You can search for questions on 17 categories. There are various other useful functions too, including services for converting Japanese units and notation forms.

Category list

1 Writing
2 Grammar
3 Word origins
4 Words from other languages
5 Japanese and English
6 Word meanings
7 Pronunciation
8 Slang and colloquialisms
9 Names
10 Examinations
11 Word games
12 Numbers, counting and dates
13 Etiquette
14 Computers
15 Miscellaneous
16 Other internet resources
17 About the sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

There are at least 4-5 questions in each category.
Since there are lots of interesting contents to be found, you could well find yourself reading everything before you realize how much time has passed!

Besides these questions, you will also find the menu below.

English to katakana converter

There is no guarantee that every word you enter will be displayed in 100%-phonetically-accurate katakana,
but the way this feature works might be useful as a reference.

Here is a list of additional useful converters, features etc. available on the website.

Although there are other websites that offer a conversion-to-romaji function, this one offers detailed specifications to customise the system to your own preferences, i.e. in deciding how long vowel sounds are displayed and so on.

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