WWW.JDIC: Word Search


This is a website that has a dictionary function where you can search for words or kanji. You can also look for example sentences. The scale of the database here is astounding, with a large number of word entries.

  • You can select different genres, such as Buddhism, or Computer Science, in order to narrow down your search preferences.
  • You can search for individual words, for kanji, or for example sentences.
  • There is a text keyword translation function that takes into account the context given.
  • You can also access the site by mobile phone.
  • You can even search via handwritten kanji.

We entered the Japanese word '食べる' as a search term. The screen below shows our search results.

Try entering the text 'この言葉を英語に訳す' into the word translation function, and the meanings of the words '言葉', '英語' and '訳す' are displayed.

We also have an introduction article on another piece of work by the creator this website, Jim Breen, called Jim Breen's Japanese Page.

Last update 2010.06.04