敬語おもしろ相談室 (Keigo Advice)


This is a website from the Ministry of Culture which is aimed at advanced level Japanese speakers and introduces keigo (respectful forms of language) with which people easily make mistakes through videos. There are also detailed explanations and a section to check your understanding.

  • This website helps you understand all facets of keigo, from the big picture to the small details.
  • All Japanese used is spoken at a natural speed.
  • As you view videos depicting real-life situations, keigo phrases with which people often make mistakes are picked up on and explained in detail by a commentator in a way that is easy to understand.
  • There are questions you can answer that help check your understanding of each video's contents.

How to...

Here are the contents.

1. '敬語の心得' (Keigo Knowledge)... Introduces what to be aware of when you use keigo, and how keigo functions.
2. '敬語の基本' (Keigo Basics)... Introduces 5 different kinds of keigo, based on different functions/uses.
3. '敬語のTPO'...Introduces how to make requests, and the correct use of the phrase 'させていただく'.
4. '間違いやすい敬語①尊敬語と謙譲語Ⅰ' (Easy mistakes to make when using keigo ① Honorifics/Humble language 1・・・Introduces examples of mistakes such as using humble language in place of honorifics, or doubling up honorific expressions needlessly.
5. '間違いやすい敬語②尊敬語あれこれ' (Easy mistakes to make when using keigo ② Honorifics・・・Introduces potential forms in honorific language and the keigo used in manuals.
6. '間違いやすい敬語③謙譲語Ⅰと謙譲語Ⅱ' (Easy mistakes to make when using keigo ③ Humble language 1 vs Humble language 2)... Introduces the difference between different forms of humble language.
7. '場面で異なる敬語 ウチとソト' (Keigo that differs by situation: 'Uchi/Soto', or 'Insiders/Outsiders')...Introduces how, when using keigo, referring to someone in 'insider' or 'outsider' terms may sometimes depend on the situation.

Videos (real-life situations as settings)

Commentator (Explanations by a rakugo-style storyteller)

Important points are displayed in writing


Explanation summed-up in a single line

Having finished watching the video and explanations, you can check your understanding of the particular item.

If you want to see a detailed explanation in written form...

...press this button.
A page with a summing up explanation will be displayed for you.

There may be many learners who, despite becoming proficient in Japanese, still feel that keigo is a real stumbling block.
This website is aimed at native Japanese speakers, but we think that advanced learners of the language might also benefit from checking it too.

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