You can read, listen to audio and watch videos of the most recent news in simple Japanese. Hiragana readings are provided for the kanji characters.

  • Articles are written using easy-to-understand sentence patterns.
  • For difficult language you can read (paraphrased) explanations in Japanese.
  • You can choose to add colour-coding for people's names, company/place names.
  • You can read the (more complicated) article actually used for the news broadcast too.

How to...

Click on (1) to listen to audio.
Click on (2) and you can remove the kanji readings.

If the news has a play icon (red frame), you can watch the original TV news broadcast.

Roll the mouse over the underlined words to read explanations in simple Japanese.

The news articles show people's names in green, place names in orange, and company or group names in blue.
You can also remove color-coding.

Articles are arranged in date order.
Click on 「前の日」 (previous day) or 「次の日」 (next day) to read past articles from up to a year ago.

Click 「普通のニュースを読む」 (read the regular news) below the article to see the manuscript for the original TV news broadcast. For those of you who want to try reading some slightly more difficult Japanese, why not give yourself a challenge here?

These contents are part of NHKオンライン (NHK ONLINE) (Introduction article).

This article was written based on information sent in to the eなInformation Station.

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