Easily search words you don't know by handwriting them.

Shirabe Jisho

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Recommended points

  • Enter kanji by hand to search readings and meanings.
  • Even if you only know part of the vocabulary, you can search by using substitutes for some of the letters.
  • 170,000 vocabulary words and more than 6,500 kanji to search from, offline.

What can you do ?

  • If there are similar kanji to the handwritten one, several choices will be displayed.
  • Watch the animated stroke order.
  • Select a category of interest and see the list of words.

How to...

Search the dictionary for readings and meanings of kanji by hand.
Let's try writing part of the kanji 「茶」 in the handwriting space that appears when tapping the 「字」 button (arrow).
Don't worry if the character you write is incorrect. Similar choices will be displayed, so choose the one that fits.

Words that include 「茶」 are now shown.

We'll try tapping the 「茶」 at the very top.
In addition to the meaning and stroke order of the studied kanji, compound words including that kanji are displayed.

Tap to confirm the stroke order in animation.
Tap the compound word you want to know, to see sample sentences using that word.

Stroke order animation

Screen which tapped "rice bowl"

You can also search by kanji, hiragana, romaji, and English from the search window at the dictionary top.
It's very useful because even if you don't know the whole word you can replace a letter or letters with an asterisk (*) or question mark (?) when you search.
When there are several letters you can't think of, put an asterisk (*) in place of them. If you're only missing one letter, replace it with a question mark (?).

Search for 「*きゅうび」

We found the word we wanted.
Tap the bookmark icon at the upper right corner of the screen to save the words you looked up.
You can see the words you saved from Bookmarks, on the menu.

You can see the words categorized in the "言葉リスト(Word List)".
Looking through the lists you find interesting will surely help to increase your vocabulary.

Term contents included in the "話題(Topic)".

Being able to easily and quickly look up words that come up in daily life or through studies could be a way to naturally make them part of your vocabulary.

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