A collection of sites for pronunciation (3): The basics 2

In A collection of sites for pronunciation (1): Total beginners, we introduced some websites that include a brief outline of the key points of Japanese pronunciation, aimed at those who are thinking of starting to study the language.

In A collection of sites for pronunciation (2) we delved further, introducing a website called Japanese Learning Support Site RAICHO (Introduction article), one of two sites offering explanations of the basic foundations of Japanese pronunciation that range beyond a cursory 'entry level' approach.

This time, we'll introduce the second of those two websites, recommended for those who want to study pronunciation deliberately in order to master a more natural style of spoken Japanese.

TUFS Language Modules (Introduction article)

First, click on 'Japanese' on the left-hand side of the screen.

And choose 'Pronunciation'.

Contents Menu

a short explanation

The section continues with '練習 (Practice)' - click on the underlined words to hear audio - and '練習問題解説 (Commentary on practice exercises)'

In order for students to see and understand the large range of contents found on the site, there are, of course, a number of tutorial items to get through, but you can go through these steadily, one by one.

Just like the Japanese Learning Support Site RAICHO, there are slightly in-depth explanations, plenty of practice tasks, audio and so on, making this another site well-suited to those who wish to study pronunciation quite thoroughly by themselves.

Last update 2010.12.03

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