I want to introduce my own country in Japanese! (1)

Even though you might study how to give a Japanese self-introduction, how many opportunities do you have to learn how to introduce your own country in Japanese?

Don't you think it'd be nice if, as well as being able to speak about yourself, you could give some basic information about the country you come from, too?

Also, for exchange students in a class made up of many different nationalities, I always think it's fun to be able to find out a little about where your classmates are from, even just a few pieces of information such as the national flag.

When you do have a chance to introduce your country, it's quite effective if you can show your own flag, isn't it? Besides this, it would certainly be convenient to have other information like population and land area all available on one site.

世界の国旗 (National Flags of the World)(Introduction article) neatly arranges the basic information of countries along with their national flags, all in one place. You should check out how your country is represented in Japanese at least once.

For example, let's look at the Republic of Iceland.

Aside from the national flag, you can also find a variety of information, such as the country's formal name, capital city, population and currency.

In the same way as before, paste some text in the box and click on the 'Read' button to hear it pronounced by a text-to-speech reading machine. However, being machine-rendered, bear in mind that the reading given may not always be perfect.

Kanji have both on-readings and kun-readings.
If you want to know for sure, please check using a dictionary, or try asking a native speaker (easier for those of you in Japan!).

Using "世界の国旗" like this as a resource, you can obtain a variety of information and images of your national flag.  Alongside  features that show furigana for kanji, even beginner level learners can talk about their own country in Japanese.

If you want to find out even more detailed information about your country, you can search using the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
On the Japanese-language version of the site, try going to '各国・地域情報' (Information on each country/region).

So, why not try introducing your country to the Japanese people you meet, or in your Japanese class? Find out more about your friends' countries too, and deepen exchanges with one another!

We also introduce some sites about National Flags meaning/origins in an article called "I want to introduce my own country in Japanese! (2)". Please stop by and take a look!

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