A collection of sites for pronunciation (2): The basics

In A collection of sites for pronunciation (1): Total beginners, we introduced some websites that include a brief outline of the key points of Japanese pronunciation, aimed at those who are thinking of starting to study the language.

In a collection of sites for pronunciation (2) we would like to introduce a site that go a little further toward explaining the foundations of Japanese pronunciation.

This time, we'll introduce the second of those two websites, recommended for those who want to study pronunciation deliberately in order to master a more natural style of spoken Japanese.

TUFS Language Modules (Introduction article)

First, click on 'Japanese' on the left-hand side of the screen.

And choose 'Pronunciation'.

Contents Menu

a short explanation

The section continues with '練習 (Practice)' - click on the underlined words to hear audio - and '練習問題解説 (Commentary on practice exercises)'

In order for students to see and understand the large range of contents found on the site, there are, of course, a number of tutorial items to get through, but you can go through these steadily, one by one.

There are slightly in-depth explanations, plenty of practice tasks, audio and so on, making this another site well-suited to those who wish to study pronunciation quite thoroughly by themselves.

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