Roudoku Café


This is a site where you can listen to literary works in Japanese.
For advanced learners of Japanese, this could be good practice for listening and reading comprehension.

  • You can listen to literary works in Japanese.
  • Some of the works come with writing so you can listen while you read along.
  • You can make use of this to practice listening and reading comprehension.
  • The site is all in Japanese and the audio does not come with captions nor translated subtitles.

How to...

The menu is at the top of the screen.
From the red frame, you can listen to readings from selected 'Aozora Bunko'( Introduction article) masterpieces.
From the blue frame, you can choose the reader you want to listen to a story from.

You will see this screen after you click '青空文庫名作文学の朗読 (Readings from Aozora Bunko literary masterpieces)' (red frame).

If you search websites that have furigana functions like 'ひらひらのひらがなめがね', you'll be able to find the author's name and find out more about certain literary works.

The audio is a YouTube file.
All you need to do is push the play button to listen.

Screen showing Sōseki Natsume's Ten Nights of Dreams - The Second Night

When you're not sure of how to use the site, it might be easier to listen to the latest updated reading files on the top page as they come up.

Some of them only have still images with audio but some also have text uploaded  on YouTube.

You can also listen to the works of Roudoku Café's café master.

Different learners probably have different readers who they find easy to listen to.
Try listening to the voices of various readers.
You can also try the reader introduction page as a way to practice your reading comprehension.
The profiles might be relatively easy to read.

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