Kids Web Japan


This is a website which aims to introduce Japan to children. Here you can study about the Japanese language and culture.

  • As a study material, you can use this site both at school and at home.
  • You can learn about culture in a fun way, and the recent topics of interest are introduced too.
  • There are games and fairy-tales as well as Japanese language learning contents.

In the section on culture, traditional culture is explained in a simple way alongside photographs.

Also, in the quiz section, quizzes are divided into those related to Japanese 'Daily Life' and 'Cool Stuff'. As you answer the quizzes you can find out about Japan.

here are also contents for learning Japanese.
Please take a look at the "Language" section (Introduction article) in the 'LEARN' corner. It comprises 8 lessons.

This 'Kids Web Japan' is part of Web Japan (Introduction article).

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