This site introduces Japanese kids' playtime, mainly looking at children's games during the Showa era.

  • You can search the children's games on the site according to Japanese syllabary order, order of popularity amongst girls and order of popularity amongst boys.
  • In total, 39 games are introduced.
  • You can watch videos for some of the games introduced on the site.
  • All explanations are in Japanese only, so please use a dictionary to look up any words you don't understand.
  • Why not pick a game you think looks interesting, then try playing it with friends? Go ahead and enjoy yourself, and you'll find you can practise your Japanese while you keep yourself active!

How to...

If, for example, you want to search the contents by syllabary order, click on 「50音順」 on the top page.

Next, choose a game you want to check out from the list and click on it. For example, choose the one on the list, 「糸でんわ」 and you can see an explanation of how to play, plus photos of the game in action.

When you come across some language or kanji that you don't understand, you might find it convenient to use a reading tool such as PopJisho (Introduction article) or Hiragana Megane (Introduction article).

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