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  • ≪Karin≫Japanese Commonly-Paired Words Checker

    This is a collocation search system for learners of the Japanese language that can be used on mobile devises, too.

  • かきかた print maker

    Use this site to make handouts to practice your kana, numbers, and other writing. Download the PDF file for printing and print it out to use.

  • Learning and Teaching Japanese

    The basics of Japanese are carefully explained here, making it a very useful site for people who are thinking about starting to learn Japanese, or for Japanese learners who have just begun their studies.

  • Lang-8

    A community-style language-learning site where you can have a journal you write in the language you're studying corrected by a native speaker.

  • Free Beautiful Handwriting

    This is a site that specializes in writing Japanese. Enter the word or sentence you want to practice and practice writing it while looking at the example.

  • 日本語作文作成支援システムなつめ (Natsume: Japanese composition-writing support system)

    For times when even if you look something up in the dictionary you're still not sure of it's correct usage, here you can look up whether or not it is often used in sentences actually written by Japanese native speakers.

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