Boost your news vocabulary with games

Dictionary tools are incredibly helpful when you're reading the news in Japanese.
Not only do they give you the chance to look up the meaning of words, some also have various structures in place to help you remember words and kanji too.
In this article I'll show you how to use a game on POPjisyo (Introduction article) to learn some current affairs-related terms you come across in the news.

From the POPjisyo top page, click on the link to the Mainichi(毎日) newspaper.

Select the genre of article you want to read, then choose an article.
Here, Let's choose '経済' (Economics).

While you read the article, double-click on any words that you want to study.
Those words will be added to your wordbook.

Having finished choosing all your words, click on the logo at the top-left of the screen and you'll return to the POPjisyo top page.

From the 'Study List' on the right of the screen, choose 'Words', found next to 'Game'.

You'll be taken to a game screen where the object is to match words and their meanings.
First, click on a Japanese word on the left to select it, then click on the corresponding English meaning from the right-hand side.
The game continues until you have clicked on them all.

If you want to, you can print out the list you make (please see the POPjisyo introduction article).

You can also send the contents of a chosen wordbook to yourself via email.

If you want to use flashcards to study too, why not try combining this website with Anki (Introduction article).

Why don't you try now when you think it's a good idea!

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