Don't transform it... Convert it! A collection of websites with conversion functions.

Here we've gathered together a number of websites that have conversion functions.
Hopefully you'll find something useful for your studies amongst them.

簡体字・繁体字⇔日本語漢字変換 (Chinese-Japanese Kanji Converter)

This is a website where you can convert simplified/traditional Chinese characters into pinyin (Chinese romanization), or Japanese kanji into simplified chinese, traditional chinese and pinyin in one fell swoop.
If you wanted to know how the Chinese language is displayed in Japanese kanji, we think this tool is pretty useful.
This service is part of the '楽訳中国語辞書' website.

もんじろう (Monjiro)

Here you can convert standard Japanese sentences into different dialects and even samurai-speak.

Conversion-language menu

We chose '武士語' (samurai language) and tried entering the phrase "はじめまして" (hajimemashite).
The samurai equivalent "お初にお目にかかる" (ohatsuni ome ni kakaru) is displayed.

Again, not everything is guaranteed to be converted completely correctly, but please try converting simple sentences into all kinds of dialects. It's a good opportunity to get to grips with a wide range of language used in different dialects and by different personas.

Japanese in Anime & Manga (Introduction article)

With 'Character line-up' in the 'Character expressions' section, you can select an expression from the list and see at once how it is said by each character, making clear the difference between speech styles.

You can also enjoy looking at the different expressions used by the samurai, butler, girl etc. in quiz form on the same website.

Sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions (Introduction article)

This is a website that has a variety of conversion functions.
For example, there's...
an English to katakana converter, romaji to kana, kana to romaji and Arabic numerals to kanji numbers.
Makes for good kanji study too, don't you think?

Arabic numerals to kanji numbers conversion

Let's see if you can convert me into a dandy!



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