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  • Usagi-chan's Genki Resource Page

    A support site aimed at people using the Japanese language textbook "Genki". You can study "Genki" vocabulary and kanji, so this site is useful for learning and reviewing.

  • Kanji Study

    This is a site about kanji, created by Charles Kelly, who has made lots of online Japanese learning materials. Features include kanji reference and vocabulary lists, a kanji search function and kanji flash quizzes.

  • Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials

    This is a website packed with online Japanese learning materials, where you can study vocabulary, kanji and so on using flashcards and quizzes. For advanced level students there are contents that look at 'Yojijukugo' (4-kanji idiomatic compounds).

  • Genki-Online 初級日本語げんき オンライン

    This site has online materials for self-study, designed to be used along with the Japanese language textbook "Genki", plus additional materials and information useful for Japanese classes.

  • Yamasa Online Kanji Dictionary

    This is an online kanji dictionary where you can look up entries in a variety of ways. You can look up kanji using their reading, meaning, stroke order and so on.

  • U-biq

    Lots of resources and information for students and teachers of Japanese. Includes plenty of practice tasks and tests.

  • Japanese Kanji Map

    This site is part of For kanji you are interested in, you're shown 6 examples of how different characters can go before or after them to make various 2-kanji compound words.

  • Online Japanese Practice

    Here there are a number of practice questions aimed at beginner-level learners of Japanese. There are also contents to help intermediate and advanced learners study kanji and expressions.

  • Friends of NAKAMA

    A website for Japanese language learners and instructors who use the "Nakama 1 & 2" series of textbooks.

  • ようこそ!(Yookoso ! )

    Plenty of useful websites and tools for learners of Japanese are introduced here.

  • Genki-Online Self-study Room

    This is a site designed to help learners who are using the Japanese language textbook "Genki". There is a Japanese syllabary chart, hiragana flashcards, listening comprehension quizzes, vocabulary practice, conjugation practice, conversation videos and more.

  • Genki-Online Kanji Reading Practice

    This is a site where you can practise the readings of kanji that appear in the elementary Japanese textbook [Genki].

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