A collection of sites for pronunciation (3): Practical application

In our A collection of sites for pronunciation series, we introduced some websites aimed at total beginners in (1), and some that cover the basics more fully in (2).

This collection of sites for pronunciation (3) looks at pronunciation in practical use, How to deepen your understanding of variations of pronunciation, how to find out the pronunciation of text or sentences you input yourself and how you can have fun as you challenge yourself with difficult pronunciation.
Here we'll introduce some websites that allow you to do all this and more.

Japanese in Anime & MangaIntroduction article

In 'Character Expressions', one of the contents of the Japanese in Anime & Manga website, 8 representative characters who appear in Japanese anime and manga are shown.
The grammar, expressions, pronunciation rules and so on for each are brought together for easy reference.
Each character has a very different style of speech.
Once you are able to understand the traits of each character, you'll be able to enjoy anime and manga even more.

Let's take a look at the samurai character.
You can see the 'Pronunciation' section on the far right side. Click on this and you'll see a collection of pronunciation traits often seen in the character.
Example sentences and audio are also provided.

Click on the speaker icon to listen to audio.

As you can see in the next image, there are buttons at the bottom of the screen that let you change the notation whenever you want to.

Japanese Dialects(方言学習)Introduction article

In this website for studying Japanese dialects, the characteristics of 8 different dialects are compiled, and videos are provided for listening comprehension.
For people who have plans to visit a region where one of these dialects is spoken, or indeed for people who live there, we think this website makes a great reference point.

Explaining Kyoto pronunciation

Explaining Osaka pronunciation

RhinoSpikeIntroduction article

Register on this website and you can have a native speaker pronounce a sentence or word you want to know, record it and send you the audio file.
This is really convenient for those occasions when you want to know how how to pronounce a new sentence or word you come across, but you don't have an audio file handy.
You can also specify things such as whether you want it spoken slowly, whether you want to hear standard pronunciation and so on.

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