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  • The Reading Tutor Web Dictionary

    This is a multilingual online Japanese dictionary. Input some text and you can look up the words used within it.

  • 経済のにほんご (Economics/Business Japanese)

    This is a website where you can some study fundamental Japanese terms used in economics/business.

  • Japanese Learner's Dictionary

    This is an online dictionary where you can look up words by entering kana only, a mix of kanji/kana, romaji or the english meaning.

  • Kanji searches at

    Here you can search for kanji by their components, or by writing them freehand. This is particularly convenient if you don't know the reading of the kanji you want to look up.

  • WWW.JDIC: Word Search

    This is a website that has a dictionary function where you can search for words or kanji. You can also look for example sentences. The scale of the database here is astounding, with a large number of word entries.

  • POPjisyo

    This is a pop-up dictionary you can use when you want to read websites written in Japanese. You can look up words from the Japanese to either English or German.

  • Reading Tutor Homepage

    This is a reading support system for learners of Japanese, made up of several useful items, with a dictionary tool as the key component. Other items include a 'Toolbox', a 'Reading Resource Bank', 'Website Links', and a 'Grammar Quiz' section.

  • 英辞郎(EIJIRO) on the WEB

    This is an online English to Japanese, Japanese to English dictionary. It has lots of new vocabulary and specialist vocabulary, and there are plenty of example sentences too.


    This is a reading support tool which shows you how to read - and the meaning of - Japanese words that use kanji.

  • Yamasa Online Kanji Dictionary

    This is an online kanji dictionary where you can look up entries in a variety of ways. You can look up kanji using their reading, meaning, stroke order and so on.

  • Naver 日韓辞書

    This is a site which has Japanese and Korean dictionary and translation functions.

  • Denshi Jisho

    This is an online Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary. You can look up the meaning of words and phrases, and there are tons of example sentences.

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