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  • Online Japanese Tests

    On this site you can try quizzes on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, listening and reading comprehension and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) questions. As well as English, the site has support for Chinese and Korean.

  • Visualizing Japanese Grammar

    Here you can check your understanding of the main points of beginner-level Japanese grammar, through watching, listening and reading.

  • Teach Yourself Japanese

    This is a useful site for people who are just starting their Japanese language study, and for people who are studying alone. It has introductory level kana, vocabulary and grammar explanations.

  • JPLANG 日本語を学ぶ

    Here you can study a range of different aspects of Japanese - grammar, vocabulary, conversation, reading, listening and so on - from beginner to intermediate level.

  • Genki Japan

    Using this site you can study Japanese in an easy and fun way and find out some basic information about Japan. There's plenty of games and songs to be found here too.

  • JGram

    This is a list of important Japanese grammar points with explanations and example sentences. You can practise these with quizzes and flashcards.

  • TUFS Language Modules

    On this site you can watch videos of conversations and practise your listening, speaking and writing.

  • Genki-Online 初級日本語げんき オンライン

    This site has online materials for self-study, designed to be used along with the Japanese language textbook "Genki", plus additional materials and information useful for Japanese classes.

  • Genki-Online Verb/Adjective Conjugation Practice

    Here you can check the rules for conjugating Japanese verbs and adjectives, and do some practice too.

  • U-biq

    Lots of resources and information for students and teachers of Japanese. Includes plenty of practice tasks and tests.

  • Online Japanese Practice

    Here there are a number of practice questions aimed at beginner-level learners of Japanese. There are also contents to help intermediate and advanced learners study kanji and expressions.

  • Access Japanese

    This is a Japanese language school's site. It has simple quizzes for hiragana, kanji, basic verbs, number dictation and so on.

  • Quizzes for Hiragana, Kanji, Verbs & Listening (Access Japanese)

    Here you can take some fun quizzes on everything from sushi toppings to station names on Tokyo's Yamanote Line. You can also try your hand at some simple quizzes on kanji, basic verbs, number-based listening comprehension and more.

  • ようこそ!(Yookoso ! )

    Plenty of useful websites and tools for learners of Japanese are introduced here.

  • mic-J : AV Resources for Japanese Language Instruction @ Tokyo Metropolitan University

    This site has a variety of learning materials for Japanese listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and so on. A range of levels are catered for, from beginners to advanced students.

  • Genki-Online Self-study Room

    This is a site designed to help learners who are using the Japanese language textbook "Genki". There is a Japanese syllabary chart, hiragana flashcards, listening comprehension quizzes, vocabulary practice, conjugation practice, conversation videos and more.

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