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  • TamaTamako's Nihongo Learning Animations-Let's learn Japanese!

    This is a blog where you can study Japanese kana, vocabulary and expressions and some beginner-level grammar with simple animations and audio.

  • Meiji University e-Learning System

    This is a website for beginner-level learners, where you can learn about hiragana, katakana, greetings and some Japanese signs.


    This is a website that includes a number of games and flashcards you can use to practise hiragana and katakana.


    This is a useful website for any learners who are thinking they want to begin studying Japanese. Everything is written in English.


    This is an online tool which converts names written using the Roman alphabet into katakana notation. How do you write your own name in katakana? Why not try checking here?

  • Online Nihongo

    This is a site where you can learn how to read (pronounce) and write the kana. Check your knowledge of hiragana and katakana through a number of quizzes.

  • JOSHU – Japanese Online Self-Help Utility

    This is a self-study site where you can try some hiragana/katakana practice, or verb conjugation and particle practice. You can also watch videos showing Japanese culture seen through the eyes of American university students.

  • Teach Yourself Japanese

    This is a useful site for people who are just starting their Japanese language study, and for people who are studying alone. It has introductory level kana, vocabulary and grammar explanations.

  • かな・カナの書きかた

    This is a site where you can find how to read and write hiragana and katakana. You can learn about 'Writing' 'Pronunciation' and 'Vocabulary' for each.

  • Genki Japan

    Using this site you can study Japanese in an easy and fun way and find out some basic information about Japan. There's plenty of games and songs to be found here too.

  • Student Resources for Nakama 2nd edition

    This is a supplementary website designed to go with the revised edition of the "Nakama" series of Japanese language textbooks (Nakama 1a and 1b).

  • Usagi-chan's Genki Resource Page

    A support site aimed at people using the Japanese language textbook "Genki". You can study "Genki" vocabulary and kanji, so this site is useful for learning and reviewing.

  • Kana cards to print and practice

    Here you can easily download cards to help you remember hiragana and katakana! Also, online you can practise the kana you've already memorised. The site can be displayed in English or German.

  • Hiragana Practice

    How quickly can you do this hiragana game? You can record how many seconds it takes you here, then have fun challenging your friends to beat your best time!

  • Japanese Typing Practice for Beginners

    You can use this site to practise typing hiragana, katakana and kanji. There is also some sentence-level practice and dictation practice.

  • Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials

    This is a website packed with online Japanese learning materials, where you can study vocabulary, kanji and so on using flashcards and quizzes. For advanced level students there are contents that look at 'Yojijukugo' (4-kanji idiomatic compounds).

  • Genki-Online 初級日本語げんき オンライン

    This site has online materials for self-study, designed to be used along with the Japanese language textbook "Genki", plus additional materials and information useful for Japanese classes.

  • U-biq

    Lots of resources and information for students and teachers of Japanese. Includes plenty of practice tasks and tests.

  • Tokyo Metropolitan University mic-J AV Resources for Japanese Language Instruction

    An audio-visual resource site designed by Tokyo Metropolitan University. There is an abundance of YouTube content, useful as well for those who study alone.

  • Genki-Online Self-study Room

    This is a site designed to help learners who are using the Japanese language textbook "Genki". There is a Japanese syllabary chart, hiragana flashcards, listening comprehension quizzes, vocabulary practice, conjugation practice, conversation videos and more.

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