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  • 語源由来辞典 (Dictionary of Word Origins)

    This is a website where you can find out the etymology/origins of Japanese words in dictionary form. The derivations of Japanese words, Japanese events and Japanese customs are explained.

  • NHKオンライン (NHK ONLINE)

    On this site you can see NHK's (Japan's national broadcasting company) news and information on the channel's TV programmes.


    This is a website that offers explanations on Japanese language and culture by using things encountered in daily life as learning materials.

  • NIHON Shock

    This is a website that introduces useful information about Japan and the Japanese language in a fun way, in blog form.

  • 福娘童話集 Hukumusume Fairy Tale Collection

    This is a website where you can hear traditional folk tales, legends and fairy stories - from Japan and all around the world - read aloud for you in Japanese.

  • 怪盗ねこぴーいろいろクイズ (Nekopy the Master Thief - Various Quizzes)

    In quiz and game formats, and in Japanese, you can learn about world flags, foods, currencies and religions, and Japan's geography, history and so on.

  • sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

    This website presents a convenient collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Japan and the Japanese language.

  • Digital EHON (Picture Book) Site

    On this site you can read, and listen to, Japanese folklore tales in 12 different languages, with accompanying pictures.

  • Japanese Songs

    Using this site you can listen to Japanese songs and see the lyrics in both Japanese and English. The tunes are a mixture of nursery rhymes, songs learned in school, folk songs and so on.

  • Web Japan

    Using this site you can find out about Japanese society and culture through a range of contents.

  • あそびの大図鑑

    This site introduces Japanese kids' playtime, mainly looking at children's games during the Showa era.

  • Origami Club

    This site introduces lots of drawings and animations for how to fold various origami shapes.

  • Kids Web Japan

    This is a website which aims to introduce Japan to children. Here you can study about the Japanese language and culture.

  • Kansai-ben: self-study site for Japanese Language Learners

    This is a site where you can find some detailed information on the Kansai dialect. There is an abundance of audio and video material, so you can study Kansai-ben in a fun way.

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