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  • TTSMP3

    This tool converts text into speech.Download the voice data and listen to it over and over again. This tool is useful for times like when you need to practice before a presentation.

  • Reading Tutor

    This is a reading support system for learners of Japanese, made up of several useful items, with a dictionary tool as the key component. Other items include a 'Toolbox', a 'Reading Resource Bank', 'Website Links', and a 'Grammar Quiz' section.

  • Kanji Koohii

    This site is designed as a supplementary tool for learners studying the kanji using James Heisig's "Remembering the Kanji" method. You can make flashcards to help you memorise the kanji.

  • かきかた print maker

    Use this site to make handouts to practice your kana, numbers, and other writing. Download the PDF file for printing and print it out to use.

  • memrise

    This is a site where you can enjoy learning via flashcards for free. It’s also a community style site with a registration system (SNS-type).


    This is an online English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary. The site's basic concept is 'just type in some Japanese or English and you'll be shown its meaning', so the instant you enter even a single character you'll be shown a group of words containing that character, plus their meanings.

  • HiNative

    This is a language learning Q&A site where you can ask and answer questions with native speakers of more than 170 countries.

  • Quizlet

    This is a website that offers free flashcards and study games. It's useful for language learning.

  • sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

    This website presents a convenient collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Japan and the Japanese language.

  • POPjisyo

    This is a pop-up dictionary you can use when you want to read websites written in Japanese. You can look up words from the Japanese to either English or German.

  • Hiragana Megane

    Enter the URL of a Japanese website and you can have furigana attached to the kanji text of all pages.

  • Anki

    This is a flashcard tool to help you memorise vocabulary, grammar, or pretty much anything. You can manage your own review times with its spaced repetition system.


    This is a reading support tool which shows you how to read - and the meaning of - Japanese words that use kanji.

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