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  • NHK WORLD-JAPAN Essential Japanese

    This is a collection of clip videos produced by. NHK WORLD-JAPAN.In a short period of time, you can learn simple phrases used in daily life.

  • ひきだすにほんご Activate Your Japanese! Content Library

    Japanese language learners who want to live and work in Japan can enjoy acquiring strategies to maximize their Japanese language skills while watching videos.

  • Kodomo no Nihongo Library Booklet Teaching Materials

    This site is designed to support Japanese language education for non-Japanese children living in Japan and provides information on resources such as teaching materials that can be used in on-side instruction.

  • Nihongo Work

    This is a site that offers many worksheets designed by licensed practicing psychiatrists for non-Japanese school children to learn Japanese for free.

  • "Nijiiro" Rainbow Color

    This is a website that provides information to those who want to study in Japan and those who are currently studying in Japan.

  • ルビ振りひらがな変換 (rubi hiragana conversion)

    This is a site where you can easily convert sentences with mixed kanji and kana to all hiragana, with one click.

  • Wanna Use Japanese!

    This is a site where you can practice your reading, writing, and listening skills in the Japanese that is part of your daily life in Japan.

  • NHK WORLD-JAPAN Easy Travel Japanese

    On this site you can watch episodes of "Easy Travel Japanese", aired on NHK WORLD-JAPAN TV, for free. You can learn that "one phrase" that is useful for travelers in Japan.

  • NHK WORLD-JAPAN やさしい日本語(Easy Japanese) Conversation lessons

    This website was created in conjunction with the NHK World-Japan radio program (supervised by the Japan Foundation Japanese International Center). Enjoy learning phrases and grammar useful for traveling in Japan while watching anime and videos. This site is offered in 18 languages.

  • NHK WORLD-JAPAN やさしい日本語(Easy Japanese) Grammar lessons

    This is the website for NHK's Radio Japan language-learning program, which offers Japanese lessons in an audio drama format with language support for 17 different countries.


    On this website, you can learn beginner level Japanese grammar and basic Japanese vocabulary in English, through podcasts that come with transcripts.

  • Japanese Pronunciation for Communication

    This is an online Japanese pronunciation course created with the ultimate goal of being able to speak Japanese with pronunciation that accurately communicates your true feelings

  • にほんご発音ラボ

    This is a site where you can learn vocabulary and sentence structures along with rhythm and stress using fun songs and animated videos. Of the 16 songs introduced in the book, "Nihongo de Utaou (Let's Sing in Japanese)" (no longer in print), seven have been recreated on this website.

  • Japanese Conversation Practice DB, indexed by Situation and Function

    This is a video distribution site for self-study developed by the Center for Distance Learning of Japanese and Japanese Issues, University of Tsukuba International Student Center, compliant with SITUATIONAL FUNCTIONAL JAPANESE.


    This is a site where you can watch videos showing kanji stroke order.

  • 漢字Japanese kanji Dictionary

    A kanji dictionary to look up kanji and words. It has lots of characters and a wealth of information.

  • 数え方辞典ONLINE (Kazoekata Jiten ONLINE)

    This is a dictionary to look up counter words to use when counting something.


    This is a useful web magazine for foreigners who want to know about Japan. The reports are by writers who actually go to the sites and write about what they experienced.

  • Kanshudo

    This is a site where you can learn Japanese comprehensively with tremendous content and manage your learning progress with Kanshudo AI.

  • IRODORI Japanese Online Course

    This is a free online course based on the Japanese language course book IRODORI Japanese for Life in Japan. Through videos and a variety of illustrations and audio, you can learn the Japanese you need in daily situations in Japan. There is also an abundance of practice questions for training in areas where you feel you need more practice or lack confidence.

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