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  • "Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese." Contents Library

    Watch international student Erin, the main character in the DVD learning series "Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese" in various scenes through her experiences at a Japanese high school.

  • Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese

    This site was created for foreigners living in Japan. You can learn about everyday Japanese conversation through videos and pick up the words and expressions you need to know.

  • MARUGOTO Plus Elementary 2 (A2)

    You can enjoy learning with videos and quizzes on Japanese language and culture in line with the contents of the coursebook, MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture, which conforms to the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education.   

  • AITalk

    This is the home page for AI Inc., a voice synthesizer company. There is a demonstration corner where you can select from various character’s voices and have them read back text to you.

  • Yahoo! Japan Video News

    You can watch news videos from the TV networks. News video clips from four broadcasting companies (Nippon TV’s NNN, TV Asahi’s ANN, TBS’s JNN, and Fuji TV’s FNN) are in list format.

  • RhinoSpike

    This is a community-style online language learning tool. Registered users from all over the world exchange amongst themselves audio files of their target language.


    These are podcasts of radio programmes aimed at native Japanese speakers. Advanced learners of Japanese, challenge yourselves to some high-level listening practice here!

  • NHKオンライン (NHK ONLINE)

    On this site you can see NHK's (Japan's national broadcasting company) news and information on the channel's TV programmes.

  • 福娘童話集 Hukumusume Fairy Tale Collection

    This is a website where you can hear traditional folk tales, legends and fairy stories - from Japan and all around the world - read aloud for you in Japanese.

  • Digital EHON (Picture Book) Site

    On this site you can read, and listen to, Japanese folklore tales in 12 different languages, with accompanying pictures.

  • Online Japanese Tests

    On this site you can try quizzes on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji, listening and reading comprehension and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) questions. As well as English, the site has support for Chinese and Korean.

  • Japanese Songs

    Using this site you can listen to Japanese songs and see the lyrics in both Japanese and English. The tunes are a mixture of nursery rhymes, songs learned in school, folk songs and so on.

  • "Real World" Japanese

    With this site you can practise short conversations listening to them while you watch their animation videos.

  • NHKラジオニュース

    You can listen to the day's NHK radio news and choose between NORMAL, SLOW or FAST speed for the audio.

  • Kansai-ben: self-study site for Japanese Language Learners

    This is a site where you can find some detailed information on the Kansai dialect. There is an abundance of audio and video material, so you can study Kansai-ben in a fun way.

  • Quizzes for Hiragana, Kanji, Verbs & Listening (Access Japanese)

    Here you can take some fun quizzes on everything from sushi toppings to station names on Tokyo's Yamanote Line. You can also try your hand at some simple quizzes on kanji, basic verbs, number-based listening comprehension and more.

  • mic-J : AV Resources for Japanese Language Instruction @ Tokyo Metropolitan University

    This site has a variety of learning materials for Japanese listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and so on. A range of levels are catered for, from beginners to advanced students.

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